Daksha Indian Hair

Worlds Most Luxurious Hair Extensions

The worlds most luxurious human hair! Raw Indian Remy Hair Extensions is sourced from temples donated by Indian women only, as a part of a religious ritual. Each bundles is unique using single doner hair, completely raw.This high density cuticles alligned double drawn hair is very sheen and lustrous.

We specialize in high quality real human hair with the curticles completely intact. Because the strands is alligned in the same direction it is less likely to frizz, tangle or mat.

Indian hair has a high level of natural oil which protects the hair from damage and dry out. Natural oil will keep the hair hydratrated, smooth and shiny. The bundles is unprocessed meaning it never has been coloured or gone trough any chemically treatments that can effect the quality.

The hair extensions can be used over and over again. The high quality makes it easy to re use and last longer than other hair extensions on the market. All bundles is naturally silky, versatile and thick. Double drawn hair is twice as thick from top to ends which is ideal for those who want more volume, bounce and fullness. You will also need fewer bundles to make the hair look full.

Available in natural straight. Contact the team if you want in natural wavy/ curly hair.

With years of experience in the industry we have collected important knowledge by testing different hair ranges and methods. We choose to go with only the best in the world.

HAIR BY DAKSHA hair range comes with a guarantee when using DAKSHA COSMETICS hair care range only. We promise that once you have tried our hair, you will never want to use any other hair extensions brand again.

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